Montae Nicholson Jersey Gumovit
  • The accumulated power of nature for centuries

Gumovit is a new generation plant fertilizer which allows to produce a rich and clean harvest ready to go to organic market stalls. UAB Baltic Peat introduces a product that has a broad spectrum of organic and mineral bioactive compounds which helps you to grow a fresh and hearty batch of produce. It has not only kept all its natural qualities but also is an exceptional product highly desired by your customers.

The product

The product

Gumovit is liquid humic concentrate based on deep processed peat produced from low-lying layers of natural peat. The active compounds include - modified humic acids - about 80%, fulvic acids – 8-10%, humin-like substances – 9-10%, amino acids (glycine, lysine, threonine, methionine, tyrosine, etc.) and biogenic amines (tyramine, etc.) – about 2-3%, low-molecular organic acids (amber, malonic, apple and oxalic acids, etc.) – 18-20%, phenolcarbonic acids (salycilic, benzene carbonic, ferulaic, coumaric, vanilic and gallic acids, etc.) – up to 2%.

Ecological harvest

Gumovit helps to produce an ecologically clean harvest with higher content of vitamins, protein and carbohydrates. The substance reduces the level of nitrate content in vegetable products by 40-50%. Gumovit also improves immunity of plants, reduces disease and is safe for humans, animals, bees and soil microflora.

Effect on plant growth

Gumovit effectivelly increases energy of seed germination and improves germinating capacity. Our product promotes the activity of cytokines, gibberellins and auxins – growth regulators contained within plants. Gumovit activates the respiratory, transport, energetic and metabolic processes in plant cells and improves plant nutrition, protein, phosphoric and nucleic metabolism, photosynthesis, this way increasing the content of enzymes, pigments and vitamins.

Effect on environment

Gumovit’s sorbtion properties are based on its ability to effectively bound the metabolites excreted by plants during their life, thus reducing the soil “fatigue” appearing after single-cropping system. If Gumovit is used on soil contaminated by pesticides and heavy metals, it binds the insoluble compounds and prevents their consumption by plants.

Gumovit’s antioxidant activity helps plants to resist to unfavorable factors of the environment (droughts, frosts, pesticide contamination, abundant fertilization) and negative changes in plant organism appearing as a result of stress conditions. Gumovit also improves the resistance of plants to fungal and bacterial infections.

Economic benefit

Gumovit accelerates the growth and development of plants and improves the quality and shelf life of finished products. The high concentration of active substances in Gumovit, low consumption during application (1-2L for hectare), significant agrichemical effect, ecological cleanliness and low price makes the application of Gumovit economically sound.

About us

UAB Baltic Peat designs and develops environmentally friendly and innovative peat products as well as their production technologies. We specialize in production of sphagnum peat moss and manage a large area of wetlands that accumulate peat. UAB Baltic Peat is based in Lithuania but has clients in many European, Asian and African countries. Company works in joint science projects with Vytautas Magnus University and Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.


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